Thursday, July 5, 2018

July 5th

Day after the 4th celebrations and the kitty guests and I are just hanging out today. 

New boarder Felix is warming up
 and LOVING head and chin scratches.

 Appolo is adorable. 

Loki is going to help vacuum, NOT!

Got an itch Oreo?

Off of my desk Oreo

Phil Collins



 Coco "Bean"

 Pan having a stretch and a yawn.


 So many black kitties.  Fresca and Pepper?



LE, LS, Saiore 

Is this you Jack Black? 

Simon looks this way, then that way.  
Hold still so I can take your photo!

Close enough. 


and Mabel

 Luke, I know you want to go out but it's almost dinner time.  

Stanley smelling new things.

Almond looks perturbed with me 

Rocky Rockstar is always a good model for the camera.


 Chloe isn't sure about the feather toy.

Jack Black having fun.

Miyu is the perfect boy.

Outside cat Charles comes to visit the cattery.

(Skyler and Percy camera shy today.)

So many kitty guests this holiday.  I might have missed a couple.  Please let me know if you didn't see your baby and I'll email you a photo.  Thank you.

Your blog host - Marie

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