Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend (Sunday)

Lulu is a ham for the camera!

Sophie M.

Poncho Villa

Bobby is a handsome dude.

DeeCee ventures out of his cat tent, only to be met face-on with a mysterious UFO!  But-- he is unphased!

Molly is comfy in her heated kitty tent.

Oscar, gazing at Lulu.

Then, they look away.

Pixel shakes her head so fast she becomes a blur!

Oscar contemplates...

It's a nice day for sitting and thinking.

And for conga-line dancing!

Archie is quite the talker!  He always replies (loudly) if you call him.

And he snorts when he eats!!!  Don't tell him I told you... but I think it's cute!

Chausette loves her high perch in the "catio."  You will almost always find her up there.

Malachi roots around in the grass.

Holland pops through a hole--

and attains BASKET NIRVANA!

Mia says "Shhhh!  I'm trying to surprise Tabitha!"

But Tabitha is already wise to her shenanigans.

Just for good measure, here is Mia, making a funny face!

Meanwhile, in the garden, the little planties are thriving!

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  1. Oscar's mom always knew she was a star!