Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A day in the cat hotel...

Oreo got completely blissed out from being brushed and petted.  He was giving what I like to refer to as "love bites."

Also, he loves the camera.  When you point it at him from across the room and call his name, he comes running over and meows!

His brother Blue, a pretty shy guy, came out of his shell a little for brushing and a bit of exploration.

Where'd we put that lint roller, again?

He needed a little help understanding the cat door.

After he went out, I opened the people door, just in case he forgets how to use the cat door! :)

Meanwhile, up in the office, Cece makes a funny face at me.

Then indulges in a little nose-touching.

Tizzy loves lounging around on top of the condos.

See you soon!

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