Tuesday, January 3, 2012

She left yesterday, but I just had to show you how adorable Coco the kitten is.

She is a little purr-ball!

Millie is a sweet attention-seeking cat.  Her brother Ollie is also adorable, but hard to get a photo of because he likes to get cozy under piles of blankets!

Ms. Wilson knows the best spot to get the most pats.

Twyla spends a little time away from her favorite spot...

But soon she is back where she is happiest!

Abbott is a biiiig kitty with a big voice!

He and Costello are so sweet together.

Cece also left yesterday but this photo was just too cute to pass up.

Can't have Cece without Tizzy!

Pi is so active.  He always takes a break from his hectic schedule to stop and say hi, though!

Sabrina knows how to reeelaaaax.

And also to let us know when she needs petting!

Sky is totally devoted to a life of pure affection.

See how pleased he is that we are such good friends?

To my surprise, I discovered two of our shyest current boarders, Jersey and Chewie (from different families), cuddling in the shelf together!  They seem to have become good friends!

They seem to have really helped each other relax.  It's one of my favorite things when kitties make new friends here!

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