Friday, September 7, 2012

Gracie and Bentley explore the outdoors.

Lopo emerges from the green cabin!

Bentley chillaxes.  Yes, that's a word.  Don't question it.

Frank, inside his warm cabin.

Gracie is such a cutie!  She always has something to say.

Ahhh, glorious sunshine.

Juan really likes hanging out near his water bowl.

Tana is a sleepy girl.

Alfie just got here, and he's getting pretty comfortable.

Kashi looks so devious with his long claws out... but he's actually so sweet!

Jasmine and Sam come out to greet me.

They tell each other some secrets.

They seem to be a happy couple.

Kashi teases Alfie.

Taiko rolls and flirts!  He always does this adorable pose!

What a sweet boy.

Oh, here's Juan... STILL hanging out with his friend the water bowl!  :)

Gabby is in a mellow mood.

Cleo looks peeved!

Max found a cozy tent to cuddle up in.

Of course it's Peanut's tent... but I don't think he minds sharing.

Don't forget!  Book now for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

See you next time.
Your host,

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