Friday, August 24, 2012

When Mojo relaxes, he REALLY means it.

Oops, awakened by paparazzi again!

Tana takes a cat nap.

Carbon peeps in from the cat deck!

Dinah really loves her condo.

Wynona is a little huffy...

Carbon emerges from the cat deck!

Wade, Wynona's brother, thinks he's gonna convince me to let him through that door.  Sorry, bud. No can do!

Chloe is picturesque in her princess chair.

Millie mugs for the camera.

Rufio reclines in his condo.

I caught Mittens mid-meow!

Abbott, too!  He is at the food-room door, begging for VIP behind-the-scenes access.  Nope, sorry!

Grace pops up through a trapdoor!

Costello is fabulous.  What a teddy bear.

Abbott accidentally(?) thwacks Millie with his tail.

Lyre seems to be grinning!

Pixel poses... how many kitties in this picture?  I count 5.

Bentley comes to join the fun.

Kashi won't open his eyes for the camera... even when I tried without the flash!  He's a clever guy.

An important meeting taking place between Bentley, Abbott, and Eru.

Bentley ditches the boring meeting to go climb a cat tree in the sunshine.

That does look nice.

How nice to be a cat!

See you next time.
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