Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 15th

Why do we love this job so much???  Because really we're the CAT PEOPLE.  

And our first cat of the day is wide eyed Jackson

Vinnie looks cross because he doesn't understand why his Moms went to France and left him at this place.  Maybe I should serve you some Niçoise Tuna?

Baby is usually really shy but she has certainly had a turn around this visit and promises to eat all her food this time.  Good girl Baby.

This is Baxter and he is quite a nice, friendly gentleman.

See, he even decided to make friends with Baby girl.

This is Cottonia's first visit to camp All My Kitties.  The jury's out so far.  We'll give you another day Cottonia.

Rosabelle is very sure about it.  She likes it here.  She particularly likes to eat everyone else's food whenever she has the slightest opportunity.

Peek-a-boo.  I see you Sunny, even though you're trying to hide in this cozy cat cabin.

Here's sweet Baxter again.  What a special treat to have two marmalade cats visiting us.

Mojo just came today and is already out and about.  He's been here many times before, and he's quick to let everyone else know that he's the boss.

Our man Bentley is at his guarding post again watching over the cattery as usual.

Marilyn just lovin up the wall.

One, two, three...

and she's up to greet Baby.

Jackson just loves the window veranda and particularly likes to meow all night long.  

This is a precious photo of Twyla.  She kind of looks a little like a bunny rabbit, don't you think?

Here comes Baby.  She's got some exploring to do.

Quick, get a picture of Vinnie.  He actually looks like he might be having fun.

Your blog host for today, Marie

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