Thursday, September 26, 2013

These cats are just too cute!

Pooka is such a curious young kitty!

Vinnie's wondering what those crazy kittens are up to.

Tyrian is in LOVE with this toy.

This gorgeous gal is Persia.

Pooka and Tyrian

Zorro chillin' in his favorite spot.

Siblings Pickles and Mochi are still settling into the swing of things around here. I'm sure they'll figure out the craziness soon enough. =)

Annie's ready for her close up.

Cougar is just too handsome! 

Oh hey, what's up Cali?

"Oh you know, the usual, just hanging out being adorable." ~ Cali

High paw, Bentley!

Bentley's kind of like our own personal groundhog. Popping out to let us know that it is indeed fall.

Cougar enjoying Marie's beautiful garden.

Noodles staying cozy inside.

Lily just loves getting her ears rubbed.

Lucky has tons of investigating to do today.

Pickle is also quite the fan of ear and chin rubs.

Pooka is just all over the place!

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