Monday, January 6, 2014

Bon Voyage Bentley!

This is how Sophie and I like to hang out.

Aw, brothers Abbott and Costello snuggling.

Zezou enjoying some sun.

I can't get over how sweet this little girl is.

Lucy always ends up doing headstands when she gets ear rubs.

Annabelle (above) and Sophie (below) show the red dot who's boss!

"Where'd it go?!"

Fluffy tabby party continues on!
(Baby left and Lucy right)

Elfie is snug as a bug in her tent.

Hana enjoying another kitty's basket.

Philbert is having a blast with this toy.

Aww, Bentley!
Fortunately for him (and unfortunately for us!) Bentley's going to his new home in Alaska today!

He doesn't look too thrilled to have me hold him, but he was purring up a storm.
This is how I was greeted every morning for the past 8(!) months.

I'm sure going to miss this guy :(

He's got a snazzy new collar for his plane ride home.

Yuki making sure her coat is nice and clean.

Zezou waiting (im)patiently for some attention. 

Bentley in Alaska!

Your blog host - Ellen

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