Saturday, January 4, 2014

Things are calming down a little here

It's still a party here!

Sophie knows how to have a good time.

Lucy is having a little trouble staying upright.

Sophie was just telling me about her New Years, she's a pretty wild cat!

Twyla staying cozy in her condo.

Hester loves her ear rubs!

Leo is just such a darling little kitty!

Sophie's helping me with the blog.

Aw sweet Annabelle. Love that pink nose!

Hester found a nice house to hang out in.

Butter, would you stop being so cute! I know better than to give you belly rubs but it's just so tempting.

Elfie is such a sweetheart.

George coming upstairs to join the party.

Josie's still tired from New Years.

Marcel being way too cute (as always!)

Loup wanted to show me how wide he could open his mouth! Look at that long tongue.

Pretty impressive, right?

Costello hanging out in his favorite spot.

Yuki and Bentley having a good time.

Three of our big boys. Zezou on the left, Abbott on the right and Bentley in the middle.

Hana is enjoying this lovely weather we're having.

Philbert in his fav. spot.

Gorgeous Mia hanging out by the garden.

I think this new window is a hit! Everyone loves it.

Annabelle wants to join the fluffy tabby party on top of the condo.

Babby and Lucy aren't too sure about this though.
I say she can be an honorary fluffy tabby!

I hope you all had a good new years!
Your blog host - Ellen

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