Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 12th

Theo looking around the room

What's that foot doing there buddy?

Venetzia curled up in her carrier

Chief sure knows how to relax

Agent Orange and Lola napping together =)

Sweet Gigi

Ralphie hanging out in his condo

I caught cute lil Jezebel mid-meow!

Jackson hanging out with his lion buddy

Apple thinks the cat scratcher makes a great bed

Indie is such a cutie!

Miss Bella enjoying some face rubs

Badger's hiding from the camera


Foster is just the cutest!

And floppiest!

Mr Skippy Jon in his fav hang out spot
Beautiful Bailey enjoying the view.

Lawrence is such a cutie! He has such a curious look on his face

Lucy really does love to hang out in her carrier. She's running around the room now though =)

Aw Loki has such an adorable little look on his face!
Your blog host - Ellen

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