Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

Clovis was being SO cute this morning I took way too many pictures of him

I narrowed it down the best I could

He just wanted to play and flop and roll.

Grrr you show that toy who's boss!

Chief is a professional napper.

Agent Orange is just the cutest little guy =)
Venezia's condo door is wide open, she just loves to hang out in her carrier.

High paw!

What's up Ralphie?

Jackson snug in bed

I'm surprised to see Grace in a basket! She's usually perched up high somewhere

Bailey Bob is such a handsome kitty.

Look at that little nose! Too cute.

Gotta sharpen those claws Indie!

He's dressed for the holiday with his fur heart < 3

Badger chillin out
Stanley's on the lookout for some food

Wow, a rare quiet moment with Philbert! He usually always has something to say

Lawrence enjoying some time outside with the comfort of a heating pad.

Miss Eliza 

Apple had something very important to say. I'm sure of it.

Siblings Foster and Bailey are such a cute pair.

Happy Valentine's day from all of us at All My Kitties to you!

Photos by Miles 
Blog by Ellen

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