Friday, March 25, 2016

March 25, 2016

We're experiencing the kind of lovely weather today that makes kitties want to nap the afternoon away!


Chief is in his favorite condo!

Leo, looking fine in his lion cut!

Kiki is a pretty little thing!  

Askr likes to keep his special things from home nearby.


I've never seen a cat with a nose as darling as Thelma's!

Her sister, Louise, is a cutie-pie too!

Puss on her high spot again.  

Frankie's uses her tail like a blanket to keep her warm.


Frank is keeping cozy in his cabin.


Dash has made herself right at home, and we're going to miss her!

Ada just checked in for the first time and that cat is all eyes!


Olive is still enjoying the comforts of her carrier!  

Max has a very regal way of lying down.

Buster is always a sweetie!


Sabrina's looking very content with herself.


May we have a peek inside your clam shell, Umi?

Magnus must be proud of his magnificent coat.  

Millie makes it out for the sunshine!

Have a great day!

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