Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21st, 2016

Jubilee has the best spot in the office 


Chief is not quite awake yet



Beau is a busy boy

Koa's jet black coat is beauty

Achilles has the greenest eyes!

Darling Dash!

Nap buddies Petunia and Beau! Back to sleep, guys!

Sleepyhead Buster

Sooshy is pooped out

Puss poses like the cat painting behind her

What are ya looking at, Juneau?

Ferby is fetching!

Checkers is chillin'

Tanzing sure does love the outdoors

As does Murlyn!


Didn,t notice you there, Lopo!

Frankie loves her baskets

Max on the move


Happy Monday! Hope you are all able to stay dry.
See you soon! Your blog host, Lindsay

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