Saturday, December 17, 2016

December 17th.

Look at these adorable ornaments Allison and Lindsay made for our holiday tree at AMK.

Lucy is very luxurious.  

Enzo's just a pretty boy!  

It's cold outside but Jackson loves bundling up in the outdoor heated cat cabin.  He is welcome to come in at any time.  

Marley is camping out in his basket.
Ziggy prefers the comfort of his own carrier.

Raven is really warming up to the place!  

Hello Pepper!

Teddy is a proper gentleman.    

Scout has a new hang out spot.   

Stella found a high up place to lounge.  

Twister just got the roof pulled off of her.  

Louie loves his condo! 

Catch a glimpse of Suki in her basket.  

Maggie is a chattebox!  

Oscar is the most beauteous boy!  

We're happy to have Nazale back again!

Quorra has mastered the art of meditation.  

This handsome fella is Ollie.

Ho ho ho!

Thanks for checking in!  

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