Monday, December 26, 2016

December 26

Whew!  Why on the busiest day of the year do we have technical difficulties with our computer at AMK?  We went from using the hard wired computer to a laptop, to the Iphone.  I was just about ready to call the repair person when I looked at the router and discovered that plugging it in really seemed to help.  

I'm sorry but no blog captions today.  You know who your fur baby is.  Happy Boxing Day!

Percy with pink nails?

Wow, this photo is worth noting that Diablo seems to be radio active.

Nope!  I'm just not going to look at the camera no matter how much you want me to.

 Love happens at All My Kitties and these two strangers just want to hang out together and frolic.

Your exhausted blog host - Marie

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