Friday, January 13, 2017

January 13th 2017

Max is the big cat on campus!  

If it's the afternoon, you can be sure to find Bailey on her favorite shelf in the catio.

My what big paws you have, Max!  

Nadia is such a pretty girl.  

Annabelle lets it be known that she wants to be on laps all the time.  

Lucille just arrived for the first time today and she's settling in nicely.  

Everyone wants to know your beauty secrets, Mika!  

Millie's back!  

Foster is a gentle giant.  

Ziggy popped out to say hello.  

Black likes to stand in front of the heater and stay cozy.  

Silly is quite fond of cozy little cabins.  

Raleigh is a cat of the outdoors!

Thanks for checking out all the cool kitties!

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