Thursday, January 26, 2017

January 26, 2017


Arrow has a big personality!

Louie is a curious cat.

Kiki has a secret hideaway behind the computer.  

Lucy is as flat as a Gumbie Cat.

Max is very fond of his new condominium.  

Mr. T!

Muffin's coloring can be described as "multi-grain."

Olive just arrived this morning and she's starting to warm up to the place.

Drake is the most mild-mannered bangle we've ever met.

You get that toy, Sammy!

Louis loves to explore!

Taylor is a precious snowflake.

Sammy has the face of a cat who can't decide if he wants in or out. 

Venezia was deep in nap and could not be disturbed for picture time.  

Olivia is a proud specimen of cat!

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