Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 1st

Kitties are preparing for a heat wave this afternoon!  Good thing we all have air-conditioning!

Gretchen struts her stuff on the cat walk!

Baby cakes!

Kuro hangs out in his stylish new digs.

Mavis is a sight to behold.

Lovely Bear!

Data knows how to relax.

Nazale longs for high-up places.

Leo just came in for the first time and he's a real looker!



Jazmine just woke up from a nap.

Kora has an exotic gaze.

Butter is such a ham today!

Chloe camps out in her favorite tent.  

Scout prefers to be in a place with a lot of foot traffic to maximize her fun.  

Who's that pretty Penny!

Ziggy loves to flop for attention!

Shadow has really made himself at home.

Freyja is a lively little one!


Sterling is King of the Cat Tree!

Bella doesn't seem to mind the heat at all.


Fifi is sure a chatterbox.

Notch belongs in the the out-of-doors.  

Pan has become a real happy camper!

Phil is just the sweetest guy.

Mezzie is on the move!

Kora again, looking pretty.

Meet newcomer, Maxwell.  He's got quite the tail! 



Tom Cat is a thoroughbred gentleman. 

Sweetie-pie, Eru!

Thanks for checking us out today!

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