Thursday, August 17, 2017

August 17th

Its a full house
This week at All My Kitties!

Two lovebirds sharing a window - Dolly & Tiger 💗

Maxwell & Baily-Bob making friends!

I won't take your catnip away Minka!

Yuki & Hana!

Juno is so precious

Starbuck looks like a sweet lil kitten

Jellybean explores the empty condos

Percy says "check out my pedicure!"

Welcome back Kiki!

Whatcha got there Newton?

Oh you found a catnip banana!

Sweet Bear face

Regal Riga

Millie loves the shade

Welcome to AMK Delilah! Looks like you're quite at home!

Lopo kitty 

Puddin looks so striking in the sun!

Puddin on the prowl

Tana says "HELLOOOOO!"

Kap all crashed out

Maxwell loving the cabins
Chausette has the most lovely coloring
Puck says "whats your name, Beautiful?"

Chausette plays hard-to-get

Where'd your pillow go Cassini?
Quick snooze break for Penny

Raj catching some rays

Jaz is happy to relax in her house

Look at that handsome face of Oyster!

Caesar is ready for his close-up

Puck just loves his scratch lounge

Ollie got an upgrade to laser eyes!

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