Wednesday, September 13, 2017

September 13th

Showing some love for all the calicos at 
All My Kitties!

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Mavis loves to show off for us!
Arrow getting some sun before its gone!

Io looks like she wants to play!

Io was actually reaching to play with Winston! What a good sport!

Rajah loves to explore the room when its quiet

Jasmine prefers the luxury of her own condo

Maybe Wayne will play with Io?
Its okay Io, you can say hi to Wayne!

A kiss on the head instead maybe
What a sweet and patient guy, Wayne!

Esme surveys her territory from above

Milo keeping cool by the fan

Its Mezzy!

Oh my, look how tall you get!

Braveheart looking too precious
Xinhao wants to see whats up

Such big eyes Parrot!

Will someone pet me already????

Blueberry doin the "pet me" roll

So sad that Mew has to go home today. We'll miss you sweet boy!

Here comes Ollie!

Candy likes the new tent I put out for her

Marianna has a new favorite hangout

Well hello again Ollie!

Grant wonders what happened to the roof of his cabin!

Komo is always right behind me!

Mezzy on the move!

Aww Lennox mlem

Well, Olive! I guess thats how you feel!
Kenji has such a cool exotic look

Coming out for love!

Party on Garth!

Jinghao, my shadow

Simon found a favorite spot too!

Thanks for checking us out! If you can't get enough, free to email for more photos of your fur-baby!

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