Tuesday, September 19, 2017

September 19th

No need for raingear here!

Image result for kitties in the rain
We're pretty cozy with our heated beds at All My Kitties!

Taylor finds a nice high spot for some R & R

Enjoying the view Jasmine?

Rajah checking out another downpour

Hi Ian!

Such a sweet love

Check out Jasmine's amazing coloring!

Magnificent Minka

Looks cozy in there Lulu

Piper sure looks cozy too

Louie always seems to love his carrier

Emma Bean the file kitty!

Minka always the fax kitty

Lilli found a throne

Piper also loves heating pads!

Myrtle patiently waits for a clean condo with...

...Olive! So nice of her to allow guests in her condo

You can't hear him - but Basil has the loudest purr motor!

Jing-hao did you get so cute!?

Such an adorable pair

Kitten Mittens!0

Marianna checks out the next available condo

Komo! What were you doing in the litter closet!?

Thats better Komo - all the action is out here!

Another Kitty who prefers her own carrier - looks rather cozy to me!

Komo's signature 2-legged beg for attention!

Ollie seems to be wearing a Batman mask!

Grant adores playing in the catio

Little mlem from Xinhao

Cold Simon? Come down into the heated cabins!

Xinhao is ready to play!

Ollie is just too handsome not to post more! 

Welcome Mouse! Glad to see you enjoying the catio already!

"Hi, I'm here for my pets now!"

Mittens glares at the oncoming rain clouds

Quorra found the highest bed in the cattery!

Usually Parrot follows me around during blog time - today he's feeling more snuggly in the cold weather

Aww playful Oz sound asleep

Well hello Simon!

Coming out to say hi?

Oh you are! Such a love!

Neko is all chill today

This playful crew says "Thanks for checking out the blog today!"

We apologize if we've left anyone out! Feel free to email for more photos!

Your blog host,

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