Sunday, March 18, 2018

March 18th

Another Beautiful Week at All My Kitties!
Cuddle sisters Andy & Niko

Fluffy was sweet enough to share the top of the condo with Bags

Always a gentleman

Such a sweet face!

Marilyn feeling bashful

Well hello Louis!

Elijah is luminous! 

Thumbs has her thumbs all tucked away

A mlem from Trouble 

Papa Bert lookin good!

Buddy sacked out in the sunshine

Welcome lil baby Smaug!

Hugo is SO handsome!

You know you're beautiful too, Roscoe

Q-Tip all tucked in 
Blaire does his happy dance

"Where are my pets? Pet me right MEOW!"

"Now this is where we eat the leaves that we barf up later"
Otis shows Fifi the ropes

Spicy Sriracha 
Moose on the move

Simba looks mighty cozy

All the pets for Blaire Bear

Aqua eyes Moose

"yesssth, this rug is mines" - Fifi

Outstanding Otis!

Q-Tip prefers a most unusual bed 
Oh Otis

Lots of meows for Moe

I found Shadow all curled up in a basket!

Behold the magnificent Roscoe!

Penny is right at home

What a luxurious coat Moe wears

Welcome baby Momo!
Sebastian found a new way to lounge

"Aww I don't wanna go home today, I'm having so much fun!" - Cheeto

Thanks for tuning in!
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