Monday, March 26, 2018

March 26th

Happy Monday from All My Kitties!

Jasmine says "hello everybody!"

Momo always finds the highest spot

Simon takes a selfie 
Here comes lil Bean!

Marvelous Miss Millie

Frank in the shadows

Otis is outstanding!

So glad to have Simon back!

Tom Hanks is no castaway on this island of kitty love!

Candy is the most precious


She's a blue-baby!

Momo is the MOST curious!

Millie being such a doll 
Lopo kitty!

Fluffy all snuggled down for a nap

Sorry to wake  you sweet girl 
Sriracha is all chill today

Tula has become such a snuggle baby
But loves that window!


He remembers his old condo so well!

Bags caught mid-sneeze!

Sweetest little girls Yuki & Hana

Nap time for old man Elijah

Who still looks and loves like a kitten!

Sriracha sittin pretty

Bean snuggled in her pod

Baz looking regal in his tux

So much to say Bags! 

Buddy enjoying a warm spot in the catio

Pink is a good color for you Jasmine!

Snuggly Otis

Tom Hanks is such a ladykiller

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host,

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