Monday, December 17, 2018

December 17th

Kitty Curling
The Newest Event in the Winter Olympics!

Who could say no to this sweet face?
Blueberry waits patiently for snacks

Lila wonders who keeps leaping across the condos

Such a pretty little lady

And UP goes the tail everytime I say her name!

This is how Zolo likes to look out the window

Vincent tries out different hiding spots

He's really a sweet guy!

Its good to see you exploring Vincent! 
Mika the Model

"There was another cat in MY condo!"
Was it you, Sriracha?

Maxwell stays warm and cozy on this drizzly day

Coco carefully selects her water bowl

"Whats that smell?"

You smell't it you dealt it, Teddy!

Coco is a little sad her new friend had to go home... 
So she gives me a silly face!

Lamar seems to have gotten stuck while grooming...

He sure loves that heated floor!

Get it Teddy!

Mika is ready for some love

She was wanting love so bad she leapt onto my back!

Sriracha waits in her condo for dinner
Zolo loves: Laps...

..And love!

Coco and I say "thanks for tuning in!"

Your Blog Host,
Angela (& Zolo)

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