Saturday, December 8, 2018

December 8th

Getting Ready
For the Holiday Marathon!

Garth reminds me of a little kitten

Check out the pretty markings on Kai!

Little Io loves to climb!

Tula the magnificent! 
Holly is always excited for attention

Petunia has a sweet little worry-face

Yes Holly! I will pet you!

Petunia plays the gargoyle

Freyja has so much to say!

"I think I heard a bird..."

Titch is marbled little kitty loaf

Vincent is ever-observant

Tula found a...comfy spot

Coco is the most curious 
Betty Boop sittin pretty

Orca never stops moving!
(Coco never stops following!)

Howdy Tux!

Maxwell wonders if its snack time yet...

Orca is always ready for snacks!

This little marshmallow never lets me out of her sight!

Captain Cousteau!

Such a gentle giant

Tux is my other shadow


Garth looks a little lost amongst the clean litter boxes

Io found a great cave

Wayne tries to sneak up on me...

Kai has a nap with a view

Coco just had to get to Wayne's tail!

Saoirse in the shadows

LE the Lovebug!

Titch is a fantastic office assistant!

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host,

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