Friday, January 4, 2019

January 4th

The holidays have come and gone but kitties haven't taken down the tree yet!  



You're the sweetest kitty I know-co!  

Petunia is such a looker.  

Juno jumps to attention.  

Holy loves the condo that she's in.  

Friendly Cooper.  

He's a floppy guy!  

Ron's a little blurry.  

But still a cutie!  

Welcome back, Zolo!

Loki on the move.  

Howd'ja get all the way up there, Petunia?  



Jessica is the cleverist of cats.  

Arya on the window sill.  


Puss 'n Boots rules the roost.  

No need to get up, Marci.  

You're so polite.  

Everybody loves Stanley!  

Gitana ROLLS for loves.  

Mia says, "Forget about my sister!  Pay attention to ME!"  

Gitana says, "I'm the one that you want!"  

Gentlemanlike Kitty Boy.  

Who's in the cabin?  

Bear just got the lid pulled off his cabin.  

Mezzy has a warm cozy spot and sees no need to leave it.  

Dependable Maggie.  

Scout is so mysterious in the dark.  

Get you guys, hanging out in teh bookshelf together! 



Aussie is an oldie and a goodie!  

L.E. in her window spot.  

Little Saoirse is the cutest little lump of coal.  

Have a great day!

Your blog host,


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