Sunday, January 20, 2019

January 20th

So Many Curious Kitties

Francis loves the love

Feeling shy Cooper?


Tiggs always answers when I say her name

Loki in his favorite spot

Once Cooper discovered the window boxes he wouldn't leave!

Francis looks comfortable

Snowball is the sweetest guy

Kodiak is King

Ferdinand loves his basket

Mabel feels safe in hers

Welcome back Max!

Millie doesn't mind all the work going on in the catio

She's just happy to be on vacation

Kodiak looks for a playmate

Scout practices her yoga

Scout hanging out

Francis is just full of snuggles 
Scritches for Loki

Snuggly Simon

Angeline is adventurous

Maxwell has so much to tell me today

Maya in catio heaven

Do you approve of the new roof?

Hey Lil Man, thats not a snack!

Om nom nom

Milo is a beautiful Egyptian Mau

Looking so cozy Simon!

Welcome Bima!
Dipper does the dip

Snowball says "peekaboo!"

Milo explores the room a bit...

Loki enjoys a cabin in the catio

Dipper says "bye bye for now!"

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host,
Angela (& Francis)

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