Thursday, April 11, 2019

April 11th

What a group of Party Animals for Spring Break!

It's a full house-- can you tell? 

Miss Coco!

Howdy, Millie!

Penny loves to explore the catio.


Curious Tiberious.

Cleo thinks her brand new cat condo is pretty swell.

Lovely Lily.

Candy cakes!

Duncan is the sweetest!

Louie is content to sit on his shelf and watch over things.  

What a handsome guy!

Prettiest Percy.

Dipper rolls for loves!

Dearest Mabel.

Poncho Villa!  The cat!  The legend!

L.E. looking relaxed.

Aslan has really warmed up to the place.  

So lively!

Totemic Manny.

Everone has been commenting on Elliots blue eyes!

Folly is always on his best behavior.


Ben again!

Ready for a nap, L.E?

Jubilee is Sir Purrsalot today.

Goose is taking it easy in her basket.

Frankie just arrived as is hanging out in his carrier for now.

Boo Boo can't get enough of our window bloxes.


We love to pet you on the face, Ista! 


Hunter is always up to something fun.

Scrunchy Duncan.

Lamar is the big cat on campous.

What a nice paw you have, Fifi.

Shadow is the nicest guy!


How did you get to be so sweet, Crunchy?

Dusty is on the move!

Lovely Lamar.

Chloe is a colorful ginger.

Welcome back, Cougar!

Kingly Skylar.

Lola just arrived moments ago.  Great to see you again!

You're the best, Bobby!

My, what big ears you have, Chaussette!

Saoirse is as cute as a button!

Have a great day!

your blog host,


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