Monday, April 1, 2019

April 1st

Happy April Fools!

Puss N Boots just hangin out!
We're gonna miss our little Meowl, Agatha, when she goes home today! 

Ever-alert Ollie

Greyson in the morning sun

Moose is in hunting mode

Oscar does a little office work

Tula peeks out to say hi

Cozy Colin

Monroe is a luxurious guy

Big streeeetch

Hmm...who's tail could this be?

Well hello there Greyson!

Ista does not like photos!
But she did finally decide to do a little exploring

Greyson full of grace

I'm sensing a theme with Puss n Boots today

Tiberious pokes his head out of his cabin 
Sorry to pull the lid off of ya!

Those intense green eyes always get me

Princess Chloe

Pascal has such a sweet face
Holly Go-Catly

I think Percy has a new favorite tent

Grace dreaming of snacks

Grace is a big sweetie

Chloe is luminous! 


Tula's model shot

Pascal vibrates his tail when he is happy 

Ollie hears a lawnmower

Oh Petunia!

Could you BE any cuter??
Oscar helps me with the blog

Thanks for tuning in!
Your Blog Host,
Angela (& Oscar) 

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