Saturday, July 13, 2019

July 13

Happy Caturday! 

Saoirse is loving the catio. 

 Agatha, our resident "meowl". 😹

Toby and Baz out on the catio.

Welcoming Bean today!

Where is Boo Boo?!

Colorful Ciapka!

You can always find Cinnamon and Baby together :)

Cody getting cozy.

Elsie giving us "the eyes". 

Fantastic Frankie.

Fresca and Pepper!

Fresca looking fabulous.

Good morning, Glover!

Grace and Polly stretching it out.

Hazel is napping hard!

Henry is always so curious.

Welcome back Hobbes!

Jazz waking up from a great nap.

Jinx is BEYOND fabulous in his clown collar. 🤡

Hello Kaplan!

Kathryn has the prettiest markings. 

L.E. living the dream!

Say hello to Maisie!

Mysterious Mika.

Millie always finds the best spots. 

Marvelous Mira!

Miskha is ready for her photoshoot. 

Nim and Nix!

 Nox is so lovely.

Quincy doing his balancing act!

Quinoa is really into boxes!

Roxy is ready for the day.

Sadie out on the catio.

"Yes, can I help you?" -Simon

Leo and Skylar, just hanging out. 

Toby is always checking stuff out. 

TomTom strutting his stuff.

Tyson is just the cutest. 

Welcoming Washi!


Have a great weekend!

-Maddie, Allison and the All My Kitties Team 

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