Monday, July 15, 2019

July 15

No Monday blues for us! 🐈

Jinx is an action hero now. 😹

Baby loves the top of the condos. 

Bean is all cozied up. 

Ciapka is always ready with a pose. 

Cody likes his secret spot.

Welcome Finou!

Frankie is loving the window box, but took
a moment to stop and say "hi" :)

Artsy shot of Fresca. 💙

Glover is so gorgeous. 

Hazel incognito. 

Henry is such a sweet boy. 

Hobbes is oh so distinguished.

What a life Kaplan!

Kathryn is just so cute.

L.E. thinks comfort is of the utmost importance. 👑

Leo is living his best life. 

Welcome back Loki!

The Marvelous Miss Maisie. 

Mika getting her yoga in. 

Mira is so gorgeous.

Mishka is alert and ready for the day. 

No monkeying around for Monkey today! 

If you can believe it, Nim and Nix
can both fit in their cat bubble. 😹

Pepper post-nap!

Jinx and Quincy are having a grand old time. 

Quincy looks so handsome.

Quinoa getting the most out of the catio. 

Roxy rockin' the stairs!

Sadie is pretty as a picture.

Secretive Saoirse.

Simon has made himself at home. 😻

Skylar is such an elegant gentleman. 

Toby and Hobbes catching some rays by the cabin.

Mira and Tyson are in cahoots
to find the best hiding spot!


Have a great rest of your week!

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