Monday, December 26, 2011

The holidays have been great here at All My Kitties!  Just look at that gorgeous blue sky!

Beans says hi!

Molly, too!

Nyar hopes her family is having a good time.

Lola remembered her favorite spot and went directly to it.

George is surprised by breakfast!

Chausette can't keep her eyes open for the camera.

Yana is attached to that basket!

Pistachio is camera shy, but we caught him!

I caught Lyre during naptime!

Rufio, too.

And Ozzie!  Funny how they all nap at the same time.

Wade has wedged himself here-- and I know why!  It's warm behind the computer!  Doesn't look too comfy, though...

Bentley licks his chops.

He goes crazy for the brush!

He's a self-brushing cat.

This hair is ALL NATURAL!  He takes after someone...

Happy Holidays!

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