Saturday, December 24, 2011

Molly makes a good companion for us in the office.

Butters is here, too, sitting on the top of his condo!

Jasper gives good hugs!

Beans is woken up from a nap!  Did I do that?

Lyre loves his condo! 

Chausette is so elegant!

Josie looks at her feet.  Is she embarrassed?

Sabrina goes for a little walk, in between naps.

Kiki likes the security of her basket.

George in his favorite spot.  He really didn't want to come in at night, so Marie put her winter coat up there with him so he would stay warm!

Nyar rubs her face on everything when I come near.  I think she is trying to entice me to pet her!

I caught Ozzie enjoying the sunshine!

And a petting!

The petting drove her into a frenzy and she had to let it out on the scratching post.

Tinkerbell forsakes her cabin for an outdoor bed today!

Jaime is still in the cabin, though!

Yana also got so lucky as to receive one of Marie's coats on a cold winter night!

Jules shows off for the camera.

What a goof ball!

Sophia could be her sister!  They look so similar!

And they're both such relaxed, friendly kitties!

In the office... some holiday preparations are going on...

And Cece and Tizzy want to be involved!

Who can resist a little red ribbon now and then?

Bentley helps deck the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!
Have a great holiday season!

Your blog host,

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