Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tizzy is a sweetheart!

And so is her sister, Cece:

DeeCee is an acrobat!  He has been honing his "vertical climb" abilities.

Suzy relaxes by the window.

Pippin is another sweet cat.  He is so flirtatious!

Sabrina has been loving the top of her condo.

Sky has been very social, but for now he takes a break in the shelter of his basket.

Bags is enjoying what I like to call "Princess Camping."

It's naptime elsewhere, too!  Here Jasper YAAAWWWWNS!!!

And Kiki snuggles down.

They make such good bunk-mates.

Tinkerbell loves that cabin!  I would, too, if I were her size.

Philbert prances around for the camera.

Sophia the kitten is entranced by the fish mobile.

Zezou is a big fluff-muffin!

Who's that, camouflaged in the branches?

Jaime knows who it is, but she's not telling!

Ok, I'll tell you, then!
Pistachio, of course!

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