Sunday, October 7, 2012

lots of photos from the weekend!

Sharley was just eyeing the camera for this shot


I went to sit down and this is what I found in my seat...Gilda

Mittens waiting patiently for a treat

Henry decided to pop out of his cabin to say hi

Yes Babs, we heard you

Aww Pippin stretching those arms 

Just Frank's paws decided to greet me 


Siblings sharing secrets

Alexander thought he could sneak some food from Jasper & Riley,
but we caught him!


We taught Sophia to wave back!

Bombay & Riley playing follow the leader

Mittens :)

Handsome Brody

Look at those green eyes on Pippin!

Henry always catching our attention with something cute 

Hey there Hudson

Jasper! Another one caught drinking straight from the water pitcher

Babs! We heard you the first time

Charles! Stretching out those long legs

Aw Krancis all curled up 

I made a funny face at Bombay and he made one back!

How many kitty's can you spot in this photo?

Thomas :)

Dee Cee just fell in love with this cat tree

Yes, somewhere behind all that fur is Mittens 

Toohey LOVES being outside!!

Riley wanted to make sure she was seen by coming RIGHT up to the camera :)

Aw Annie, it's so tough to get a photo of this kitty standing still 

We gave Lopo the nickname Stretch

Can you tell why?

These next two kitty's take the cutest naps..


Maria always looks this precious, with or without her photo being taken

Krancis wasn't too happy that I disturbed his bird watching..

Aw Brody!

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