Monday, October 1, 2012

On To October

 Louises' eyes and collar are a perfect match 

 Maverick really just wanted his water straight out of the pitcher

 Sweet Sophia hanging out outside

 She even managed to fall asleep with her tongue out

  Whatcha looking for Hudson?

 Some sister bonding on the outside patio

 No matter where I went Totes was there ready  to have her photo taken. What a photogenic kitty!

Indy taking a snooze

She even stuck her paw out to say hi


Mittens gorgeous green eyes, she really fit in well with the background :)

Rader decided to pop out of his cabin to say hi

Annie hanging out outside

No matter how much Zeus loves running around outside, every time I bring out the camera he always rolls over...

Solomon and Vinnie decided to be bunk buddies

Josie thought she was being discrete hiding from her toy mouse

Mink feeling right at home on his first day!

Sharley wanted to make sure her voice was heard :)

Hudson snuck in a nap on one of the shelves

We caught Hendrix talking back to the camera

Sweet Solomon posing for the camera. Look at those big eyes!

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