Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's 2014

It's a New Year's party at All My Kitties
and Zezou is in full costume.  

Cat Wranglers Miles and Ellen get the party going with George and Loup.

Cee Cee is beside herself. 
"Weeee, a party!"

George is rolling over with joy too.

OK, what happens now? 

Butterscotch is waiting in anticipation. 


Ziggy and Cornelius. 

Yuki and Hana.  Actually I think these are all Hana.


George is licking the party ribbon while onlookers watch.

Josie loves the balloons.

Abbott and Costello enjoy the ribbon and balloons too.

Jessica was afraid of the balloons at first but she's getting more daring now.

My 2014 glasses are not very attractive on me, but I don't think Marcel cares.

Some kitties like Ollie here just want to play with our costumes.

Igor loves the head dress too. 

Eliza is surrounded by color.

Baby just can't decide what to wear to the party.

This is Twyla's toy but CeeCee is loving it.

Gabby is having a good whack at it too.

Tizzy checks it out.

And Sophie climbs Miles' leg to get at the striped toy.

Everyone likes it except Twyla. 

I'm glad she'll share.

Here is Ellen with Eifie

Sophie is all wrapped up in the vacuum hose and likes it.

Hester is new today and she doesn't have a clue what's going on.

After the party, Allison cleans up.

Cornelius knows what's happening on the other side of the door.

It's Miles preparing dinner. 

Pudge and all of us from All My Kitties say
Happy New Year 2014 everyone!!!

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