Monday, March 17, 2014

First space walk - March 18, 1965

Space, the final Frontier

A Long Time Ago
On March 18th, 1965,
 the first man who walked in space was a Soviet Cosmonaut named
 Lt. Col. Alexei Leonov.

On March 18th 2014, the first cat to walk in space is Lt. Col. Kitty Zed.


Commanding the ship during the Space walk is Lt. Col. Kitty Ted.

 Samson is enjoying a view of the earth and the moon.

Of course some kitties like Babs, the first female kitty in space, prefer to nap on top of a flying saucer.

Leo experiencing weightlessness.

Meanwhile, back on earth.

Miss Kitty Carlyle and Mittens dream of their upcoming mission.

Ollie and Lola still aren't quite ready for space. They are very happy with all four feet, and bodies, planted on the  ground.


Buzz is acclimating to confined quarters in this heated cabin.

Cougar is just trying to recoup from the St. Patrick's celebration.

"Hmm, I wonder what the weather is like in outer space?"

Video and audio version on link below.

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