Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Spring

Happy Spring!!!

The yard is starting to bloom with early Spring flowers.

Mittens is ecstatically happy with the changing season !!!


Frank and Lopo just arrived today and can't wait to go outside to sniff the new fragrances  

Sassafras was not happy with me about her arrival today, but she soon warmed up with the introduction of a feather toy.  

Sampson is handsome as ever in this photo.

 Oh my.  Leo is just a silly bear rolling on my Norwegian sweater.  Enjoy Leo.  The sweater is going away with the winter clothes.  
So the desk seem more appealing to him now.

 And now into my file drawer.  You crazy kitty Leo!!!

He's like a Jack in the Box. 


Little old lady, Miss Kitty Carlyle likes the comfort of her heated bed.

 Romance is blooming between Sampson and Mittens but Mittens is giving Sampson the cold shoulder.

"OK," says Mittens.  "I'll look at your darn flowers." 

"Hmmmm, they smell pretty good."  

 "Wow!  I think I'll eat them!"

 Ollie thinks they are quite pretty too and he appreciates that these are fresh from my garden today.

One more admirer from Zed.

Protect the baby birdies this spring.  Keep your kitties inside.

Your blog host - Marie

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  1. Thanks for posting; love seeing pictures of Sassafras!