Friday, March 21, 2014

Furever home means forever home

We're dedicating this blog to all the kitties whose people decided they just didn't have room in their lives to care for them anymore.  We have a problem with that.

The shelters are full of cats who were given up for a variety of reasons.  These are the top 14:

Landlord issues
Having a baby
Boyfriend/girlfriend, new husband/wife doesn't like them.
Going back to school.
The cat is too old and they want a younger one.
House soiling
Can't give it the attention it needs.
Personal Problems
Doesn't get along with other pets.
Too many cats in household.
Cat walks on counter tops and scratches furniture.

 Exactly as it should be.

Here are some of our lucky cats boarding with us who have forever homes.


Leo finds his chow lip smacking good.

Sometimes you can't get a kitty into the carrier and sometimes you just can't get them out.
Popo LOVES her pretty pink carrier.

Forever cat

Sassafrass's human even emails us to see more photos of her while they're away.  Now that's forever love! 

When Babs isn't at home, All My Kitties is her favorite place to be.  This heated chair is always reserved just for her.

When Sierra's people move, Sierra moves with them.

I agree Ted, cats RULE.

Lola exploring our window.

Uh oh, she meets Samson from behind the condo.

 Zed lost his home to a fire recently, but his family made sure he was taken care of by bringing him to All My Kitties during their transition! He has rejoined the family now and they are so happy to have him back (Even though they say they'll miss the photo blog.)

Two more kitties that never have to worry about being homeless. Above is Frank, and below is brother Lopo enjoying the view from his plush outdoor bed.

Mitten's "people" live in a tall house with huge windows that look out onto a beautiful tree.  They call their home "The Tree House." I think they bought it just for Mittens.

 Samson lives in a house that makes him think he's in Oz.  His 3 year old human brother loves him very much too.

Everyone at All My Kitties have cats that were once thrown away by someone else.  Well all I can say is that they certainly were thrown in the right direction.    

Your blog hosts, Ellen and Marie

These are my (Ellen) forever cats.
Boots is on the left and Mick is on the right.

Still best friends after all this time.

These are my (Marie) forever kitties
starting with Charles who was an un-neutered male kitty and showed up at my back door 12 years ago, and stayed.

Charles was "gifted" to me by a 89 year old man because he was too busy traveling.  

Domino was left by a customer because Domino didn't get along with her other cat.  Domino doesn't like one of my cats either but she has a forever home with me and they just work it out.

Lastly is 18 year old Cordelia who we only thought had a month left to live do to illness.  The customer was having "personal problems" so I agreed to take Cordelia as long as she paid the medical expenses.  That was 3.5 years ago and the customer is LONG GONE!
Cordelia is my forever cat and secretly my husband's favorite.

Tell us about your forever cats.

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