Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23rd

Lot's of kitties to look at today!  We have many brand new guests as well!  

 Mr. T. is a party animal!

May I pet you on your chinney chin chin, Emma?

Mr. Lucky is new to the cattery and is a very gentle guy.  

 Lewie flops for attention!  

New kitty Sasha reigns supreme in the office.  

Sweet Kitty Carlyle has been in and out of her little basket all day.  

Taylor is such a cute moon-face kitty!  

 Madame Mim has become floppier with each new day. 

Trouble is hard to get a good photo of because he's always in motion!  

Duke is such a darling!  He's sleepily cocking his head at me like a puppy.

 Leo the Lion!

Thumbs is a minimalist cat.  

 Gus made his way outside to the catio and is enjoying some fresh air.  

Sebastian just arrived and is still settling in.  He and his sister, Pheobe sure enjoy eachother's company!  

Madam Mim spent the sunny part of the afternoon outside.  

Mojo has a habbit of holding out his paw at me.  
Ok Mojo, I'll hold your hand! Just don't tell my boyfriend.  

Thanks for checking us out!

You're blog host, 


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