Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 26th

Little Taylor found a comfy spot in the office to rest in.

Look at the fangs on Louis!

Phoebe and Sebastian love to cuddle together.

Boo just wants to stay in bed all day.
You and me both buddy!

Sweet little Kiki enjoying her condo.

Looks like I woke Beau up from his nap!
How handsome is Brawler?

Frankie is excited to be back!

And we're excited to have you, lady!

Ahh a quiet moment with Trouble. He's such a cutie.

Miss Luna showing off her paws

Madame Mim is loving this spring day.

Mojo just got picked up but I had a picture of him lounging around.

Duke has the most gorgeous coat!

Gus getting some fresh air.

Leo. You are too cute!

Look at those eyes!

Thumbs strikes a pose.

Now she's giving me her best zombie impression.

and "Talk to the paw!"
I took a few too many photos of Thumbs...

But she's just soooo cute!
Gus likes to eat all of the kibble off of his wet food first!  

Bear relaxing in his condo.
I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful day!

Your blog host - Ellen

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