Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 14th

Solo has such a handsome mustache. 

Fleabuscuit surveying the office from her perch.

Popo strikes a pose!

Scooter is all over the place!

Hana napping in her favorite spot.

Tea anyone?
The kitties wanted a fresh pot of catnip tea and took the initiative to make it themselves by tossing a catnip toy in their water fountain.

Mittens has had a rough day of running around being adorable

Rufus is such a handsome kitty

Mr. T is just a bundle of love!

He's a cutie too!


Pancho looks so relaxed.

Miss Josie is taking a break in her condo

Marie and Shiloh enjoying this beautiful spring day

Mojo has the most arresting gaze

And he's pretty cute too!

Roslyn got a surprise visit from her family and has perked up a lot!

"Mom stop, you're embarrassing me!"
Marie showering Charles with love.

Happy Saturday!
Your blog host - Ellen

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