Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20th 2015

Mowgli is a party animal!  

Puss n' Boots, ready to help out at the First Aid station.  

Eve has been expanding her territory this visit.  

Pookie is sure a sweetie pie!  

Leah and Isis take turns making silly faces.  


Tiger is one cool kitty.  

Parker just arrived and he's a nice little guy.  

Millie likes to get about and explore.  

Alice reigns on high from the top of her condo.  


Lilly likes to strut her stuff.  

Kitty Angel really know how to relax.  

Poke is a sweet little tabby cat!  

Mr. Green is new to us and he's settling in nicely.  

Tiger soaks up some rays.  

Lopo always looks comfortable in the catio.  

Sammy is our confident boy!  


Frank in his cabin.  

Sam is snug as a bug today.  

Millie is a beautiful girl.  


Gabby rules the roost in the office.  

Our friend Junior got a bath today.  

Doesn't he look handsome?

Have a great Monday!

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