Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13th 2015

Leah loves a window seat!  

Lopo gets along with everyone so well.  

You're so good at scratching that, Charles!   

Harvey is just the nicest guy!  

Frank soaking up some sun.  


Leo is a very distinguished guest.  

Maggie is one happy camper.  

Kizme has decided that today is the day when she's going to venture out of her condo!  

Out the gate... 
and she's off to the races!  

Gus found a new hang out spot.  

Lucy using the basket as a scratching post.    

That's quite the tale you have, Palu!

Puss "n" Boots on his favorite shelf.  


Summer strides in to have her picture taken.  

Millie only just arrived today and she's a real cutie!  

Pookie is a lovely dove who enjoys being talked to very much.  

We find Darby in the same location as before, camped out in the window box.  

Sylvia is a sweet little lamb!

Gabby doesn't want the petting to end!

Have a great day!

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