Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28th

Cleo and Max are best buddies!

Kiki and Vinnie sharing a basket together

Smokey loves being the center of attention

Sisters Jasmine and Misty are doing very well for new kitties 

Louie is such a sweet boy!

Taylor showing off some yoga poses

Sadie loves her window seat

Miss Alice is such a cutie

Kitty Angel strolling around

Francis watching over the rest of the guests in his high up perch

Sammy Snowshoe is a very sweet and handsome kitty

Poke taking in her surroundings

Millie prowling around for food

Millie still on the prowl with Basso and Charlie in the background

Notch is a big fan of his basket

Charlie our stairwell dwelling kitty

Frank peeking out of his cabin

Tiger sure looks relaxed!

Basso and Samson have taken over the stairs

We had a lot of kitties sticking their tongue out at me today!





Your blog host - Ellen

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