Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 5th

Frank and Lopo cuddling together, too cute!

Lucy has been loving her outside time

Mojo is majorly adorable!

Samantha is just the sweetest

Sophie with her cool perch

Beautiful Ms. Olive followed me everywhere

Millie being oh-so-relaxed

Big, beautiful Bear!

Mowgli has been being such a sweetheart, he follows me around like a puppy while I clean!

Mia, showing off proper grooming technique

May has slowly settled in to be one of the most relaxed cats we have!

All the outside cats are flat as pancakes!

Grace can be such a goofball

Olive followed me outside while I was taking pictures

Ozzie is keepin' cool in the cabin!

Palu is just sweet and calm! 

Maggie being super adorable

Marvin loves his little pouch

Hazel is so pretty

Catamaran has been a fantastic guest here!

Ariel faced her most challenging nemesis yet: The Little Red Ball

Leo and Hester keeping the computer safe for me

Cute little Zee!

Sadie has been relaxing around the office

Warm weather like this makes Smokey crash

Fantastic Finley hanging out in his carrier

Blog today by Miles, hoping you all had fun, safe and memorable Independence Day celebrations!

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