Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 9th 2015

Today, The Great Kitten War raged on.

Two great warriors:


And Ariel.

Did kitten chase.

They wrestled.

They circled.

and then they got tired.

It was really cute.

On to the other cats!

Gus, being the perfect gentleman

Gabby is too old for all the kitten antics happening around her

We have three brand new guests in the office, all of whom are settling in and getting cozy!




Purrcy stickin' his head out for scratches

Adorable Ms. Maggie soaking up the attention

Scout is on the prowl

Mia is all adorable and snuggled up

Lucy is such a great poser!

Mowgli is such a sweet cat!

He always gives me affectionate head nudges

May has claimed the entryway as hers so she can get all the attention from people who come in

Harvey always has so much to tell us

Lopo, doing what Lopo does best

And Grace showing off her elegant posture

Blog today by Miles, hoping you all have wonderful summer vacations going on!

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