Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Drake has been providing us with endless entertainment!

Magic observes from above

Ani is prepared to Netflix and chill

Jeff is just hangin' around

Annie has colonized this chair

Squidgy is in the zone

Mia Mosa has a marvelous coat

Lady Penelope is unimpressed after being woken up


Mr/ Cat is all tucked in!


Annabella is demanding my attention
And speaking Cat to me


Anubis is truly adorable!

Millie speaks Cat to me as well

Stanley wants a paw shake!

Elsa is such a gorgeous girl!

Oh Captain, my Captain!

Kaplan checks out the view

Millie is done for the day

Esme is all eyes


Missey dreams away

Summer snuggles!

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Your blog host, Lindsay

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